6 Marketing Techniques Used to Create Great Facebook Fan Pages

Last week we discussed the basic concepts of advertising through Facebook. But how do these companies create engaging ads that pull in consumers? Compiled from various sources and observations, here are six key marketing techniques used by companies to create an innocuously exciting Facebook page.

  1. Creatively Integrate All Forms of Social Media
    To give a brand a comprehensive online presence, it is necessary to utilize all forms of online media. This includes an up-to-date website, Facebook page, Twitter, Google+ page, etc. The most successful brands link and integrate their product or service with these online resources.
  2. Offer Pertinent Information for Consumers
    Many companies use their Facebook page as a resource for consumers to access. For example, on the Sony Ericsson page is options to click on cell phone reviews, advantages of certain phones, and comparisons against competition phones. This fan page provides a plethora of information and help for potential and current consumers.
  3. Exclusive Contests for Fans
    Often, companies will offer loyal consumers special deals and contests to reward dedication. By giving consumers a concrete reason to “like” a page, companies are securing active fans. Examples of such incentives include coupons, free shipping, and weekly deals. This concept of offering something to consumers to join can help create a large community.
  4. Target Proper Demographics
    No matter how hard a company may try, the target demographic of the product may simply not be using Facebook. In these cases, it is important play to one online demographic and build up a following there. Websites such as quantcast provide fairly accurate Facebook demographics.
  5. Making the Most of a Fan Page
    Successful brand fan pages must also cater to internet aesthetics. A successful and impressive fan page will include html and CSS coding to provide a professional face. For example, the recent photostrip addition that stretches across the top of the main page can be utilized to create additional visual branding. It is important for companies to keep the page theme uniform and consistent.
  6. “Like” to See More
    The common trend today is to make a Facebook fan page exclusive. Facebook allows brands to show one thing to people who are fans and another to those who aren’t. Consumers must click the “like” button in order to see everything a company has to offer. These brands use these exclusivity incentives to acquire fans.

Please keep in mind that while many of these techniques can be used simultaneously, a brand cannot use them all. Companies with the most successful Facebook fan pages have chosen those techniques which are right for their target audiences and approach.

Other successful strategies companies incorporate into their Facebook fan pages include regular updates, games, commercials, humor, and rewards for dedicated fans. However, it is important to remember that the most successful way to garner buzz about a brand is not just through capable Facebook marketing techniques, but through recommendations from friends. The best Facebook pages incorporate gimmicks which spread via word of mouth.

What other Facebook marketing techniques have you seen on fan pages?

Information synthesized from these sources:

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