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YouTube’s Advertising Secrets

That song. It’s stuck in your head. You hear it everywhere. At the grocery store, blasting through car speakers, shrill and tinny sounding from your neighbors earbuds. But what is it? How do you find it? Open up that web browser, type in youtube.com, and search.

Got it! But wait. How can this song stay up on YouTube? Jason Derulo clearly does not support this user generated video. Let’s take a closer look.

Restart the video and look across the top of the screen. Do you see that little red advertisement? We’ve become so used to immediately canceling out of it, that we often don’t even register that those advertisements are there. But those advertisements are the reason you can search for music and video clips on YouTube. Instead of demanding that a video be taken down, large companies recognize this as a source of revenue and tailor those advertisements toward the user. In fact, YouTube has a system called Content ID that scans videos and compares them to material provided by copyright owners to identify potential revenue streams.

That is one way in which online advertising and YouTube are connected. But what if a company wants to take advantage of viral video’s to increase their visibility?

Perhaps you’ve seen the Old Spice commercials. With close to 37 million views, this ad campaign was as hilarious as it was successful. Old Spice made a commercial that was both convincing and amusing. By integrating it well with television and online media, the campaign is an example of a creatively profitable campaign.

Bessie Johns, a marketing blogger, lists some advantages of advertising via YouTube.

  • Video hosting is free
  • Reaches a Worldwide audience
  • Videos show in Google’s search results
  • Entertaining- Can take advantage of the viral effect
  • A visual way to provide a lot of information
  • More room for creativity
  • Money goes into the making of the video as opposed to the advertising

With all of these options, it is no wonder many companies choose to utilize YouTube to market and brand themselves. Whether you realize it or not, advertising is working in many unseen ways on YouTube.

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