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Twitter’s Advertising Conundrum

On television shows and product packaging are slogans shouting “Follow Us On Twitter!” Many people believe Twitter is the fastest growing social media platform. But how do advertisers take advantage of Twitter? How is the average user affected by Twitter advertisements? Let’s take a look at creative Twitter advertising options.

Big Bucks for Twitter Hosted Advertising

Advertising through Twitter is relatively easy. Twitter hosts a “Start Advertising” page which quickly allows businesses to create an advertising profile, with a set budget, ad run dates, and target locations. However, the few figures available suggest that Twitter charges a high premium for these services.

Promoted Tweets- These tweets appear at the top of the search results pages and reach a broader audience.

Promoted Tweets Statistics as seen on Simply Zesty

Promoted Trends- Promoted trends feature a trending topic at the top of the trend’s list, driving conversations around your brand. Twitter has announced that it costs $120,000 per day to run a promoted trend.

Promoted Accounts- This feature suggests users to follow a specific company. Twitter targets users like your followers to create a larger base.

However, often these advertising choices are not an option for smaller businesses. Twitter requires a $5,000 per month minimum advertising expenditure for all businesses, making it difficult for smaller businesses to take advantage of these advertising opportunities.

Other Advertising Options via Twitter

Many companies and brands use Twitter to update consumers on their products and ideas. Often, consumers don’t want to read lengthy blog posts about product updates and trivial information. In these cases, Tweets are the perfect, quick solution.

Often brands also use Twitter for limited-time-only deals. Twitter makes it easy for companies to let loyal customers know about sales. Websites like twtQpon make it easy for smaller businesses to create simple coupons for followers.

twtQpon Logo

Other useful websites include Twittertise, which helps track Twitter click through rates, and twithawk, which helps businesses target specific demographics.

Twitter’s Bottom Line

Awareness vs. Usage Twitter Statistics as seen on Simply Zesty

While an astounding 92% of American consumers are aware of Twitter, only 8% actually use Twitter. It is important to remember that ads on Twitter are not like advertising on Facebook- Twitter is about driving awareness and traffic to other sites. Thus, there is not set advertising formula for Twitter. It is still changing and evolving.

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